Joshua Collins has been a personal trainer in Chicago for the past eight years. He has a degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and a USAW Sports Performance Coach. He's Head Trainer at React Physical Therapy.

Since COVID-19, he's had clients reaching out asking for FaceTime sessions. He said he also wanted to stay in shape, so he acquired more equipment and posted a few videos. It snowballed from there to people wanting to come over to train, so he's now training out of his garage.

"I'm a laid back, brutally honest, fun, loving coach. The equipment I have speaks volumes to my style of gimmicks and straight forward. The first large purchase I made was the XPO Trainer.
I remember seeing the sled on Garagegymreviews' YouTube page -
this sled with a motor and wheels - and I was sold."

Why did you purchase XPO Trainer(s) for your gym? 

The one thing I wanted was a sled that I could use at 4 am that was quiet and wouldn't tear up my alley or wake the neighbors.

What benefits do you see when you or clients add sled training to a workout routine?

Adding the sled is a bonus to my training but also a proper tool to learn marching, that leads to skipping, which leads to sprinting mechanics. 

What makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you've used?

I've had a few pro athletes try this sled out, and they said it was the best sled they've ever usedSuch a simple concept and easy-to-use makes for a game-changer.

The fact that I don't have to load it with a lot of weight is a mega bonus. It's literally the best piece of equipment out there for convenience purposes. I can also travel with it, and it fits in my Honda Civic trunk like a glove.

Your Favorite XPO story

In my neighborhood in Chicago, I usually leave my garage open and workout in the alley. That means I have people driving by, and I get a lot of people who reverse to see what's going on. But there are a few kids who live around me, and one kid asked if he could try the sled. I told this 13-year-old basketball player it wasn't easy, and he said, "I need to get strong." I laughed, and he proceeded to push the XPO 50 meters down and back. He then collapsed and said he was never coming back until I got rid of the sled. 

I love the XPO trainer, and I'm glad I could invest in myself with the fun toy I got to purchase. It's really gotten a lot of use, and I couldn't be happier to be part of the XPO Trainer family.

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