New Valve Extenders Make Adding Air to XPO Trainer Tires a Breeze!

Preventative maintenance on the XPO Trainer isn’t always fun, but it is so important! To maximize the performance and durability of your XPO Trainer, we always recommend inspecting the tires for proper inflation before use. Maximum (ideal) pressure for the rear tires is 30 PSI, and maximum (ideal) pressure for the front tire is 50 PSI.

We have great news! We're making this maintenance step easier on you. We are now including valve extenders with every XPO Trainer to make adding air to the tires a BREEZE (see what we did there?)! 

If you already own an XPO Trainer, just email us at and include your XPO Trainer serial number and mailing address, and we'll send a *free* valve extender your way! The valve extender will work on both the front and back tires if needed. Newer models of the XPO come with a longer valve on the back tires, so you may only need it for the front tire. All new purchases of the XPO Trainer will come with a valve extender in the box!

To find the serial number on an XPO Trainer bought before March 2019, you will need to look under the front wheel of your XPO Trainer, near the chain. You will see a sticker facing inside with your serial number on it. For an XPO Trainer 2.0, the serial number is found near the weight plate post and is easily visible from the top when no weights are on the post.

We are excited to be able to offer these valve extenders to our XPO owners and make maintaining your XPO Trainer just a little easier!

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