XPO Trainer Push Sled Now Available for Pre-Order!

Reserve yours now at ArmoredFitness.com

It's finally back in production!  All of the parts have arrived and you can pre-order them on our website starting today! 

The first thing to arrive, believe it or not was the packaging!  It was incredibly exciting to see 2400 pounds of boxes and cardboard on four pallets delivered to our loading dock.  We'll be doing final assembly and packing the new XPO Trainers into those boxes so we can ship them out starting in February.

What changes can you expect to see on the XPO Trainer versus the original XPO Sled?  

  • It is narrower so it will no longer be a struggle to get it through a normal doorway.
  • The frame attach points are redesigned for greater strength and ease of assembly.  
  • Kick tape has been replaced with a serrated metal cutout that will never wear out.  
  • The handle attachment has been redesigned for better strength.
  • And finally, the chain guard has been extended for better safety.  

Essentially, it's the same brutal workout the original push sled was, but in an improved and refined version.

We look forward to a new round of XPO stories, photos and videos from our customers, and we thank you for your support and patience getting to this point! Be sure to tag us in your social media posts @xposled on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or use the #XPOTrainer hashtag.