Where have we been?

I know it seems like we’ve gone dark, but we’ve been working hard to get the new XPO back into production.

We spent almost a year working on a totally new design that would use a different means of resistance and allow a high and low setting.  We worked with a few different design engineers and we eventually reached the prototype stage on one design, followed by testing and several refinements. This is the design you can see in our previous blog post "Introducing the XPO Trainer!".

Unfortunately, we never could quite get that design to where we wanted it.  It was VERY frustrating knowing that it was going to be better in many regards, but we kept coming up against issues that we couldn’t foresee and the engineers didn’t see them either.

After a year and a half of working on that path, we decided to shelve what we were by then calling V2 and just do another production run of the original XPO Sled.   I’ll cover that in the next blog post, but for now rest assured we’re finally moving forward on production again!

In the meantime, here’s a funny video from a project in the shop that is good for a laugh.  Can anyone guess what I’ve started building?  Updates in the next blog post.