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XPO 2 Customers - Let's See Those Boxes!

XPO 2 Customers - Let's See Those Boxes!

The XPO Trainer 2 is flying off the shelves, and we couldn't be more excited! With this new sled we've been trying out some new shipping materials, and we need your feedback.

It's important to us that your XPO 2 makes it to your doorstep in tip-top condition...and that includes the packaging! It matters to us how it looks when the Fed Ex truck delivers it. Torn up boxes are just not ok with us!

So, we're asking all of our XPO 2 customers for a favor (with a thank you coming your way!). When your XPO 2 is delivered, we want to know that it has made it to you AND what shape the shipping materials are in.

Would you snap three quick pictures - one of the top and one of each end and email them to

As a thank you for helping us with this shipping material quality control, we'll send you a *free* kick-butt AFE t-shirt! So don't forget to include your t-shirt size when you send us your three photos!

Thanks in advance for helping us make sure we continue to deliver the best sled on the market in the best shipping material available. We sure do love and appreciate our Armored Fitness customers!