The XPO Trainer and Tire Maintenance

The tires on your XPO Trainer are key to it functioning properly. We recommend you check tire air pressure weekly. Of course, you can check it more often if you're using it daily!

But this isn't hard! The easiest way we've found to check air pressure - just step on it. If the tire is firm when you step on it, you don't need to get an air gauge out. If they're firm, you're good to go! Just ensure you've checked all three tires!

If you do want to pull out your air gauge, remember -
the back tires hold 30 psi (no more than 35 psi), and the front tire is designed for 50 psi (up to 55 psi).

So what happens if you forget to check and use your XPO Trainer with the back wheels not adequately inflated? Occasionally the tire and tube can turn on the rim, which causes the valve stem slips inside and disappears. Don't worry-it's an easy fix! Watch this short video, and we'll show you how to fix your wheels so you can get back to pushing your XPO!