After a quick break, we are so excited to announce our store is back online and XPO Trainers are ready to ship! We stand behind our product and our promise to only sell XPO Trainers that meet our high standards of excellence and pass our rigorous testing. We are confident that after working out a small issue with a specific part of the front wheel, our product's quality and reliability are back to being what Armored Fitness Equipment is all about- producing the finest fitness equipment on the market and making sure our customers are 100% satisfied! Thanks to everyone for your patience over the last two weeks, and we are thrilled to be back in action selling the best sled on the market!

Ready to purchase an XPO Trainer for your gym or home? Click here to order! XPO Trainers will be shipped within approximately 10 days of the order date.


Questions? Send an e-mail to info@armoredfitness.com or call us at 469-547-7533 today!