Athlete XPO Trainer Spotlight: Ron "Boss" Everline

Everyone calls him Boss for a reason. His sister says he always knew what he wanted, and he was the leader of their family from early on. So from the time he can remember, Ron Everline's nickname was Boss. His early experiences with leadership combined with a growing motivation for physical fitness helped shape Everline's passion to inspire people to live differently. If you follow him on social media, you already know this happens every. single. day.

A trainer to stars including Ne-Yo, Kevin Hart, and Trey Songz, Everline has made personal fitness his life's work. We were introduced to Everline through a mutual friend, and you can bet when he called us about getting an XPO Trainer we were thrilled to know he wanted our equipment for himself and his clients! It wasn't long after he received his XPO Trainer that he posted this video of him walking his dogs, uphill, pushing the XPO Trainer.


Yep, that's why they call him Boss.

A few days later, a follower of ours tagged us in another post- this time it was Everline's client Kevin Hart and his son pushing our sled! On Hart's Instagram, this video has over 2.8 MILLION views! 


"You work for greatness," says Everline in an interview on his YouTube channel, Just-Train TV. Everline attended Northwest Missouri State University on a full athletic scholarship with the intent to pursue has lifelong dream of playing in the NFL, but his career took a turn when he realized his passion for helping people with fitness and with life. When asked about how he got started training, he says "It hit me that I can inspire people to live different. I wanted to inspire people to live different through fitness. This {is} my inspire build something bigger than football." You can check out Ron's full story here:


If you're not following Everline on social media, do it now to be inspired daily by his posts including fitness challenges and new workout ideas. Be prepared to be amazed by his athletic ability too- this guy really is the Boss.

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