XPO Trainer Review by Garage Gym Reviews

"You guys have produced something special."- Coop, Garage Gym Reviews

We'll never get tired of hearing words like that! We recently sent Garage Gym Reviews an XPO Trainer so they could review it for their readers. Garage Gym Reviews is "a site dedicated to reviewing fitness equipment, DIY instructions, new gear, and more." They're known for their honest reviews and we were thrilled when they unboxed and tried out our XPO Trainer. Watch their video review above, then head on over to the Garage Gym Reviews article on the XPO Trainer, and hear what Coop has to say. But before you do, we'll leave you with our favorite quote from the article:

"If the Airdyne is the devil's tricycle, the XPO Trainer is his scooter and it's brutal." That one made us chuckle! And if you've ever pushed an XPO, you are nodding your head and saying 'yep, it's that hard."

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