Kate Upton and Justin Verlander use XPO Trainer for Newlywed Push Sled Workout

Imagine our surprise to read a text from a friend saying World Series Champion and Houston Astro's Pitcher Justin Verlander was riding our XPO Trainer on an Instagram video last week!


As seen here, Verlander is on the XPO Trainer being pushed by his new wife, Kate Upton, during a recent workout session with trainer Ben Bruno. The video is greatness- Verlander says "just my wife pushing me around, as always!" and Upton refers to him as "the ball and chain, weighing me down" as she pushes the XPO Trainer up a steep hill. 


Within a few hours after posting, Bruno's video was all over social media. USA Today, MLB.comPeople, and many other major news outlets picked up the story, and within 24 hours the video was aired on The Today Show and Extra NBC! Um, yeah, that was awesome. It is exciting to see our push sled being used by so many successful trainers, and we love that people are realizing the difference between our sled and traditional sleds on the market! To read what others are saying about the XPO Trainer, head to our reviews page!


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