Using the XPO Trainer for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

One of my earliest realizations about the XPO Trainer was how the exponential resistance curve had a side benefit of being useful for rehabilitation. The power required to move the XPO increases with the square of the speed. This means you can push the XPO at any speed you want. To go twice as fast takes four times as much power and to go three times as fast takes nine times as much! 

Power vs. Speed XPO Trainer

Imagine that you trip while pushing a traditional sled: the sled is already sliding, and with the additional force created when you trip and fall into the sled it is going to pick up speed quickly and you might not be able to get your foot back under your center of gravity before you have fallen past the point where you can recover. If you are already injured or disabled, you are closer to that point of no return even when moving slowly.

Now imagine that you trip while pushing the XPO Trainer: the sled is rolling, and the additional force from you falling into the sled accelerates it forward, but it doesn’t accelerate very much because that higher speed requires exponentially more energy! Just doubling the speed requires four times more power! So instead of shooting away from you and you falling forward, the XPO tends to respond in a way that allows you to catch yourself and recover from your stumble.

For athletes training with the XPO this is seldom a big factor, but if for any reason you require more stability or you don’t have the ability to quickly recover from a stumble, the XPO is going to allow you to train or rehab in a MORE stable manner. Unlike a traditional sled that might give a false sense of security to someone dealing with a major impairment, the XPO will actually make it more likely that the user will recover their balance and equilibrium. And that’s why we’ve been privileged to watch people with everything from spinal injuries to broken legs train with and rehab with the XPO Trainer.

You can watch our customer John Myerson using the XPO Trainer for rehab and physical therapy on this YouTube video:

"The XPO Trainer is a beautiful machine. Way more than I thought it would be. I am handicapped with spinal issues that effect the movement (or lack of) of my legs. I have trouble walking and walking is good for your back. The XPO Trainer is easy to use. You do not need to add weights to give more resistance. The harder you push, the harder it pushes back at you. So for people like me it is simple to use. But the best is that I can use it. The XPO Trainer is very stable so it gives me the support I need to be able to walk for exercise. Without it, I could not walk up the hill on the video. I highly recommend the XPO Trainer for anyone who has trouble walking. It has really worked for me." --John Myerson, Wellesley, MA

Have you used the XPO Trainer for rehab or physical therapy? Tag us on social media with #XPOrehab- we would love to see how it is helping you or your clients!