3 Reasons to Use a Fitness Push Trainer

You’ve probably seen push sleds at athletic venues and training centers, but they aren’t just for professional sports players. Push trainers are increasingly becoming a key fitness item for gyms of all levels, and they have even become popular for home use. Why are they so popular? Well, the answer is simple: they work!



If you want to take a deeper dive into the benefits of fitness push trainers, then take a look at this simple guide below.

3 reasons to use a fitness push trainer

It’s hard to narrow down the benefits of a Fitness Push Trainer to a single list, but we’ll do our best.

Functional Movements

Pushing a sled activates a number of muscle groups that are also used to perform many daily and occupational movements. Whether your exercise goal involves building muscle or optimizing your body’s functional movements, a fitness push trainer can help you succeed.

Add Variety to Your Workout

There are many different ways to utilize a fitness push trainer. You may choose to pursue a high-intensity workout by sprinting forward with the sled, or you could focus on the initial acceleration moment and ability to gain speed with powerful pushing, or you could take a weight-based approach and try to push as heavy of a weight as possible.
The possibilities are endless and entirely dependent on you. Check out this website to see some different options for fitness push trainer exercises.

Prevent and Rehab Injury

Along with gaining muscle, fitness push trainers are smart options to help prevent and rehab injuries. You will be able to work your muscles without putting too much pressure or strain on them, which is great for rehabilitation.

What Makes the XPO Trainer different?

Admittedly, not all push trainers are designed with the same level of quality. Some push trainers are clunky and can even cause damage to surfaces. 

At Armored Fitness, though, we have designed our XPO Trainers to have all the benefits of push trainers with none of the flaws.



Nearly Silent Operation 

The XPO Trainer is the first exercise sled to be positioned on wheels. This innovative design allows for nearly silent operation.
The sled glides seamlessly against your floors, leading to a quieter workout without all the disruption! The quiet workout makes it ideal for home use. You can easily work out in the convenience of your home without disturbing any family or friends around you.

Multi-Purpose and All Surface

Not only is the XPO Trainer quieter to use, but it is also less damaging. It is safe to use on almost any surface, whether it be a driveway, grass, or the floors in your own home or your gym.
You will no longer need to worry about scratching floors or figuring out where you’ll have space to do your workout. Instead, you can focus entirely on achieving your goals.

Easy to Transport and Store 

The XPO Trainer has been designed with you in mind. With removable handles, the sled is easier to transport from one location to the next, and it is also more convenient to store during times when it is not in use.

Suitable for All Levels of Athletes

The convenience of this sled makes it a suitable purchase for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. It can be tailored to your own personal needs and used at whatever intensity works best for your goals and lifestyle.
If you are struggling to continue a workout, you can simply stop and take a break. There is no risk of dropping weights or causing damage from a sudden stop. 
Are you a beginner? Take a look at this Beginner’s Guide.

Adaptive Response

The XPO Trainer is the only trainer or sled that gets eXPOnentially harder to push the faster you go. This ingenious design allows you to build strength and cardiovascular fitness at the same time.  
Ultimately, it makes for an exciting experience that is constantly to your body’s input. If you’ve been feeling bored and unstimulated in your current fitness regime, then this adaptive sled could be the perfect solution to refresh your workouts.
Push trainer sled

Fitness Push Trainer from Armored Fitness

Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Are you looking for a mobile, adaptive device that is safe and great for all intensities of exercise? The XPO Trainer from Armored Fitness is designed to help you achieve your goals—and to enjoy the process while you do it.

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