Armored Fitness Equipment Update - July 2018

Howdy from all of us at AFE! We are staying busy shipping out XPO Trainers daily, as well as working on development for our newest product.  Check out the latest news from AFE below!


Need to get a cardio workout in AND walk the dogs? Hollywood Trainer Ron Everline @justtrain knows how to check both things off his list using the XPO Trainer©!  

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Ease Yourself Into it- The XPO Trainer is Sneaky!

In the case of the XPO Trainer, you can push as hard as you can and you’ll eventually hit a wall where you can’t go faster, but unlike an old-style sled you don’t grind to a halt. You just slow down and keep going. And that's the sneaky part: There’s never that grind to a stop that FORCES you to take a break. Read our owner Bill's experience with not taking it easy with the XPO Trainer, so you don't make the same mistake!

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