Athlete XPO Trainer Spotlight: Mark Bell

This month for our athlete feature, we're writing about our friend and pro powerlifter Mark Bell. Mark is a successful athlete, entrepreneur, trainer, and more. Really we should be asking what has this guy NOT done? He invented the Sling Shot and owns the very successful Super Training Gym in Sacramento, California founded in 2006. He is also the host of The Power Cast, a weekly podcast with almost 250 episodes featuring top names in powerlifting, athletic training, and tons of other topics related to fitness. He posts a new Power Cast every Wednesday on the Power Cast Facebook Page!

Mark has been a supporter of Armored Fitness since we made the original XPO sled back in 2013. He still has one of the very first models, and Mark interviewed Bill in one of the first videos about our product on his Supertraining YouTube Channel. If you don't follow him on Instagram @marksmellybell you are missing out on awesome content, and if you don't own a Sling Shot, then we for sure bench more than you. Thanks to Mark for the support over the years. We feel cooler every time you post a pic using the XPO Trainer!

Follow Mark:

Instagram |  @marksmellybell 

YouTube |  Supertraining YouTube Channel

Facebook | @marksmellybell

Podcast | The Power Cast