Snacking in Sneakers XPO Review + 4 XPO Push Sled Workouts

Social media sure can be fun! At the end of last year, we connected with Chrissy Carroll, a runner, a Registered Dietitian, USAT Level I Triathlon Coach, and an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. But she's also the woman behind Snacking in Sneakers where she shares all things wellness and fitness.

It was a fun partnership, and we loved reading her review on the XPO Trainer 2. Because she's a runner, trainer, and coach, her review is a great read for anyone - from beginners just starting a workout routine to advanced athletes who might be looking to add something new to their workouts!

"Sometimes when your workout mojo starts fading, splurging on a new piece of equipment can help kick your butt into gear...This piece of equipment totally rejuvenated my fitness motivation this month! This push sled on wheels is one of the most innovative pieces of equipment that I've seen, and is perfect for your home gym/pain cave."

Photos via @carolinethephotographer

Chrissy shared the benefits of sled training (great for anyone!) and even shared an excellent "how to use the XPO" for someone newer to working out. She makes it simple to know just what to do! But our favorite part was her comparison between traditional sleds and the XPO...especially because that's where we think the XPO shines and wins out over our competition!

"This sled is completely different. It's a one-of-a-kind push sled on wheels. That means no scratching up floors and no loud noises. Got a big straightaway in your basement? Want to bring it outside to use in your driveway? Think you might take it out to the track? It's safe – and quiet – to use on all these surfaces."

She also shared that the XPO is perfect for working out with friends regardless of varying fitness levels. 

"The resistance itself is governed by the motor – so you don't have to shift out any plates depending on fitness level. My husband and I can work out together with it and not have to worry about changing anything. When he pushes it, he experiences a higher resistance load due to the power at which he's pushing, whereas when I push it (with far less power), the resistance load is different to meet my body's needs."

And as an added bonus to Chrissy's review, she included four different workouts that incorporate the XPO! Who doesn't love having a workout put together for you - and now there's four ready and waiting! Try them out (and tag us if you snap any pics!)...there's something for everyone from cardio to strength to a kettlebell/XPO combo. This one is our favorite for beginners!

Head over to Snacking with Sneakers to read the full review and to check out the four workouts! We promise it'll be worth the click!

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