The Resistance Motor and the XPO Trainer

"Your sled has wheels! How hard can it really be?!"

We hear this a lot, but there's A LOT to be said for that little resistance motor on the front of the XPO Trainer. Don't discount it - the motor makes all the difference in the world and is what makes the XPO such a tough workout!

We put together a short, 1-minute video to show you exactly what the motor does and how it allows us to say, "It should never be easy!" The video demonstrates that the resistance clearly has nothing to do with weights or anything else - the motor provides it ALL (even when traveling DOWN a ramp)! Watch and see how the resistance on the XPO works with and without the motor. You'll see the resistance motor is 100% what makes the XPO Trainer one of the most brutal pieces of workout equipment on the market!

So, as we say, "Don't let the wheels fool you!"

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