The XPO Trainer 2 Review on Good Morning San Diego with The Muscleman of Technology

We were thrilled when Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology, reached out and asked if he could share the XPO Trainer 2 with his followers and fans! Absolutely!

Bruce just "couldn't resist" (pun intended!) adding an XPO to his workout regiment. He used our assembly video guide and said it made "putting together my XPO 2 a piece of cake!"

The Muscleman of Technology featured the XPO Trainer on his Facebook page. We thought his description was spot on:

"This is a real game-changer because it uses air tires and a friction motor! The tires mean you can use it on almost any surface without scratching, plus it's super easy to turn in any direction, along with being super quiet.

The friction motor means you don't need additional weight plates—the harder and faster you push it…the harder and more resistance the XPO Trainer 2 will smack you back with!

Yeah, this is called working out smarter not harder to accomplish your fitness goals. It's compact, so it is perfect for home use as well."

He also include the XPO as part of his "High-Tech Fitness Gear" segment on Good Morning San Diego. It was such a great segment and we wanted everyone to have the chance to see it. He shared that everyone just loved the XPO Trainer 2 - after the segment everyone was using it and trying it out in the parking lot! Check it out below!