The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective- CrossFit Templum in Carrollton, Texas

To continue our series, we've interviewed another awesome coach on why they chose the XPO Trainer! Eric Wrona, Owner of CrossFit Templum, sat down with us to talk about his take on our equipment and how his athletes use the XPO Trainer at his box.

Why did you purchase an XPO Trainer for your gym?

Several reasons. First off, we had purchased a couple sleds before and then the company went out of business. We tried to purchase similar sleds to the ones we had and couldn't find a good match, which made it hard to create workouts that were equal when we needed to use more than one sled. With the XPO we can duplicate the modality more consistently. Secondly, we enjoy using sleds in our programming but it was such a pain to load and change out weight for each athlete. With the XPO we don't have to deal with exchanging the loads and therefore we get in more work in a shorter amount of time. Plus, hassle FREE :-) 

What is one thing that makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds on the market?

We purchased 5 sleds and love them!!! No need to exchange weight between athletes.  Quiet and smooth, so doesn't disturb other businesses or scuff up sidewalks.

What is one of your favorite workouts using the XPO Trainer? 
"Pain Cave"
For Time:
21 Front Squats 135/95
200 meter XPO Push
15 Front Squats
100 meter XPO Push
9 Front Squats
50 meter XPO Push

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