The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective - Ned Laughery, Head Wrestling Coach in Blair, Wisconsin

We're excited to bring you another installment of our Coach's Perspective series. Today we're featuring Middle School Science teacher and Head HS Wrestling coach Ned Laughery.

Coach Laughery, a former collegiate wrestler and an avid athlete, now spends his days training teens at Blair-Taylor HS in Blair, Wisconsin. With over 31 years of teaching and coaching experience, including time as a high school football coach for 25 years, Coach Laughery is always looking for new ways to challenge his athletes, and recently he started implementing XPO Trainer workouts with this great looking group of athletes.

(pictures via Facebook)

Why did you purchase XPO Trainers for your athletes? 

We are a small school with an enrollment of about 175 students grades 9-12. Budgets are tight and when our wrestling athletes and boosters raise money for workout equipment, I always look to get the most "bank for the buck." After researching workout sleds, the XPO Trainer was the only one we could use indoors during the cold winter months of our HS wrestling season, and not harm the hallways or gym floors like a push sled on sleds.

What makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you’ve used?

The XPO is awesome. Early on, we really liked the way the XPO Trainer was able to push the most out of each individual wrestler- be it our 103# wrestler all the way to our 220# guys. Each individual loved the relays we did with the sled. My coaches and I made different conditioning drills using the XPO Trainer and it made conditioning more valuable and enjoyable. You really get an awesome cardio blast in a short amount of time. Also the XPO Trainer really is a total body workout, very humbling for any ability level.

What is one of your most memorable workouts or creative uses with the XPO Trainer?

After we bought our second XPO Trainer, we did a lot of partner drills using the XPO Trainers. For example, partners would do a 30 yard hallway push of the XPO Trainer side by side, sprint back to the starting line, sprint back to the sled, turn it around and push it back to the original starting position, followed by push-ups until failure. While the first group rested another pair went through the drill.

That sounds like a tough workout! Anyone up for trying it out? We love hearing how high school athletes are using the XPO in their training and conditioning! Thanks to Coach Laughery for your time, and good luck in the upcoming season!

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