Armored Fitness Equipment Athlete's Perspective - UFC Fighter Raging Panda

It's amazing to us how versatile the XPO is for all types of athletes. We genuinely love seeing it utilized by so many people from all walks of life. From a high school football team to a physician and a physical trainer, the XPO works for everyone. This month we're bringing yet another perspective on the XPO Trainer - from a UFC Fighter, Julia Avila, aka "Raging Panda."

Julia is a full-time geological tech for a major oil company during the day and says, "I punch people at night." Raging Panda is currently signed with the UFC with wins over some high level ranked women in the bantam division. Her goal: to one day become a champion (just to have cool stories for when we decide to have kids). But because she's not a full-time athlete, training takes discipline and dedication. Her day starts at 4:30 AM with weight training MWF, cardio for an hour every day for lunch, then PM training from 6:30-8/9. 

Why did you want an XPO Trainer for your training? 

I wanted the XPO Trainer because in the cage, the resistance is ever increasing as you push forward on your opponent. I needed something that would replicate this quandary and make me work. Sleds are great, but I can take the XPO anywhere, during any season and get my conditioning in which makes it so much more versatile. 

What benefits do you see when you add sled training to a workout routine?

I am a much stronger athlete when I incorporate sled training into my workout. From engaging my hips into the takedown to just finding the mental fortitude to finish and fight through the grind, the XPO is a great addition to my workouts on all fronts.

What makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you've used?

The XPO Trainer is a lightweight piece of equipment that holds up to the use of several novice and professional athletes. I train with a myriad of people, and we don't have to adjust anything on the XPO. We can get two different workouts using one single piece of equipment anywhere, anytime. I am a bantam (135) fighter, and my training partners are welterweights (170); often, I am struggling to keep up with their sled weights, but with the XPO, we don't have to switch anything!

What is one of your most memorable workouts using the XPO Trainer?

I have a group of men that I am currently training for a fight card on February 29, 2020. Our small dedicated MMA team of 5 is seen doing conditioning rounds every Monday and Wednesday after training. The XPO Trainer has been integral in getting these men prepped for their MMA fights. I am the only woman and the team captain to our MMA fight team, and it's humbling and rewarding that these men trust in my methods and my abilities as a fighter and coach. For the past five weeks, every Mon/Wed holds a place in my heart. 

Watching Ranging Panda do her thing on social media is pretty cool! But why "Raging Panda" we had to ask. Well, she just really loves pandas, and her manager said her style is devastating and wanted to pay homage to Jake LaMotta's Raging Bull...hence Raging Panda was born!

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