Athlete XPO Trainer Spotlight: Eva Twardokens

We're excited to feature athlete Eva Twardokens (aka Eva T.) on the blog this month! Eva T. is not only a two-time Alpine Skiing Olympian, but also a highly-sought after health and fitness coach. To put it plainly, we think Eva T. is a beast! Some of you CrossFitters may recognize her name- she is one of the original "Nasty Girls". After meeting CrossFit founder Greg Glassman in a spin class, she became a private training client of Glassman's and was around when he founded CrossFit.

Eva T. bought an XPO Trainer back in 2013 and had this to say about the XPO Trainer:

"I’ve been using this sled for about a month and it’s an amazing conditioning tool that works the posterior chain while increasing baseline work capacity. It will humble you! The sled is SO easy to use without much instruction that I can get clients going on it right away – walking, running, sprinting, pulling. I found it to be a terrific workout for my time."

To read the full review, head to Eva T's blog!

Her website, EVA T. Strength & Conditioning has a wealth of information for anyone wanting to improve in any area of life- whether it's finding a diet that is healthiest for you or how to control stress, you're sure to get stuck clicking around her blog for hours. Then, when you're done there, head to her Instagram, where you can follow her adventures traveling, coaching, and just enjoying life! And, she's still enjoying her XPO Trainer. Just a few weeks ago she posted a pic of her getting a nighttime workout in using our sled. Way to go, EVA!

Follow Eva T.:

Instagram |  @skievat

Facebook | @EvatStrengthAndConditioning

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