The XPO Trainer and the COVID-19 Home Gym

While it feels like everything is canceled, we're so thankful that XPO Training has NOT been canceled! We have loved seeing how so many of you have relied on the XPO Trainer as you continued to workout at home with gyms closed and shelter-in-place orders across the U.S. We got to visit with Rob Rains about how the XPO has been integral to his fitness during this crazy time. 

Rob is 36-year-old, married, father of one little guy, and lives in Washington, DC. Rob shared that he'd never had a home gym before to COVID-19 outbreak, but started buying equipment in early-to-mid March. Until this public health crisis, his preference had been for high-intensity interval training at places like Orangetheory and Cut Seven. He's also done Brazilian jiu Jitsu for five years, training at a local academy in D.C. 

So fitness wasn't anything new to Rob. He ran the Rock n Roll Marathon in 2019 in D.C. but "was unhappy with how I looked and felt. Being a new parent and experiencing sleepless nights leads to bad choices, and I had gotten away from the fitness of my 20s." Shortly after the marathon, he "discovered more functional training, and it transformed my life. I used to think cardio was just running or maybe jumping rope, but now I know that's not the case."

He dropped some pounds, worked on a healthier diet and had much more knowledge about effective training...and then COVID-19 hit, gyms closed, and group workouts were canceled.

What benefits do you see when you add sled training to a workout routine? Before COVID-19, had you regularly used a sled in your training?

The XPO Trainer has been crucial for me getting great workouts at home. At Cut Seven, we use sleds too, but they have a smooth surface and are on artificial turf, so there's little sound, and the friction is benign to the sled and the turf. I love using them because they are terrific for conditioning and also great leg work that exhausts me. I wanted one for home because I was worried I would not be in the studio for a while.

Why did you purchase an XPO Trainer for your home gym? 

I did not want the same kind of sled that we used at the studio. Our family lives in a townhouse, and we share an open alleyway with our neighbors on both sides of the street. The alley behind our house is about 20 yards or so, and there is also a parking lot next to us. So I have all the space I need for the XPO Trainer. I like training early in the morning, and I did not want to disturb anyone who was still sleeping. We live in the city, but our area is still pretty quiet. So I knew that I needed a sled that had wheels but also offered resistance. I did some research, and the XPO trainer was constantly being highlighted as a great tool for home training. I watched a video on YouTube, and I was completely smittenIt was the very first thing I bought for our garage gym. The package came very quickly and I assembled it from a video online, again, very easy. I was so excited to use it, and my enthusiasm has not waned at all.

What's your favorite way to incorporate the XPO Trainer into your home workouts?

I like to use the sled in many of my morning workouts as both a warm-up and a finisher. It is excellent at getting my legs going and also breathing hard. I like timed circuits too. So, typically I like to incorporate the XPO Trainer into sprint/bear crawl/push drills for time. Or I'll mix it in with plyo box jumps and speed rope. Or thrusters with dumbbells. We have a lot of equipment now, but the XPO Trainer is probably my favorite tool. It has enhanced my workouts so much, and I love taking it out. I used it this morning to finish off an intense leg day, and it was perfect. Everybody who sees me using it asks me about it, including the sanitation workers who collect our garbage and recycling every week. 

The XPO Trainer is also a hit at home. My wife and son think it is fun to try to push around, although they refuse to join me in the morning for workouts. 

Our son, who is almost two, likes to climb on top of the trainer, and he doesn't quite talk yet, but I am sure he will someday ask to borrow it (along with our car and, of course, money).

Rob, thanks so much for sharing with us about how you're making it through the COVID-19 pandemic one XPO push at a time! We know we need those workout endorphins more than ever these days, and we're so glad the XPO is helping you achieve and maintain your fitness goals while we all stay home to stay safe!