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The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective - BASE Sports Conditioning and Coach Mike Mejia

The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective - BASE Sports Conditioning and Coach Mike Mejia

This month we are featuring Coach Mike Mejia and BASE Sports Conditioning. Coach Mejia has only had the XPO Trainer for a couple of months, but it's quickly becoming a training favorite (or maybe least favorite if you ask his athletes! Ha!)

BASE Sports Conditioning has been in operation since 2009 but recently moved into its own training space in Long Island, New York. Coach Mejia is a private strength and conditioning specialist who works with athletes in a wide variety of sports - though he specializes in ice hockey, swimming, and basketball.

Can you share with us a little about your training style?

While I offer what is typically described as “athletic performance training,” I pride myself on the movement-based approach I take with my athletes. Whether it’s younger kids who are just beginning to understand how to control their bodies in space, or older, more accomplished collegiate and professional athletes, my focus is always on movement quality and proper biomechanics. 

Why did you purchase the XPO Trainer?

I purchased the XPO trainer because my actual gym space is rather small and not conducive to sled work. In the multi-sport facility I use, there are larger areas where I am able to use the sled – whether on a turf field or basketball court. But these areas are down a long hallway leading away from my facility. It would be extremely inconvenient to have to carry a traditional sled and all of the necessary weights I would need to pile on top of it to work my athletes. So the XPO trainer is the perfect sled for my situation. After having used it for a while though I can honestly say I would have bought it regardless of the facility constraints. It is quite simply the best sled that I have ever used with my athletes!

What benefits do you see when you or clients add sled training to a workout routine?

Sleds are great for conditioning and also offer a great way to give athletes concentric work without creating a lot of muscular soreness because there really is no eccentric or negative component. 

What makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you’ve used?  

Without question, it’s the exponential load the motor allows for. Perhaps the best part of that is the fact that the sled is self-limiting. As athletes begin to fatigue and aren’t able to push as hard, the sled actually gives them less resistance. This is not true of the traditional sleds where the load remains the same which can cause athletes’ mechanics to break down in order to move the sled, thus putting various structures at greater risk of injury. 

What is one of your most memorable workouts using the XPO Trainer?  

I designed a workout mimicking a hockey shift - by having athletes burst against the sled for 4-6 seconds, then get off and continue with lower-level agility work, or curvilinear runs, before once again picking up the XPO for another short burst and repeating that for a 45-second interval.

You can also check out BASE Sports Conditioning on social media. We've enjoyed watching some of Coach Mejia's athletes in action!