Armored Fitness Equipment Update - August 2018

Happy August from all of us at Armored Fitness Equipment®! We hope you have been following along on Instagram or Twitter to see the latest happenings. Before you click over to our social media, take a look at some exciting things going on right now with our current production of the XPO Trainer®!

⭐️ XPO Trainer- Sled of the Stars! ⭐️

A few weeks ago this video popped up on Kevin Hart's Instagram and we've only watched it a thousand times. We are so excited Hart is using our XPO Trainer, along with his son! Hart and his trainer, Ron "Boss" Everline, are well known for being committed to hard work and fitness, and seeing the XPO Trainer in their workout routines made our day! 

Anyone else ready for some football?? NFL Linebacker Craig Robertson is using our XPO Trainer to get ready for his upcoming season with the New Orleans Saints. We can't wait to watch you this fall, Craig!

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XPO Trainer Coach's Perspective- Marc Z Fitness and Nutrition

Our latest installment in this series is on the blog! "The XPO seems to be one of those things people dread seeing pulled out, but usually have fun with it once they get going," says Marc Zalmanoff, B.S. of Marc Z Fitness and NutritionRead the full post here for more about the XPO Trainer and why using our sled has been a game changer with his clients in Carrollton, Texas.

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WOD of the Month

August Social Media Winners

We're selecting our top favorite social media posts featuring an XPO Trainer each month. This month we decided on the winners shown above-@c__robertson@kevinhart4real@cfthreshold, and Waukee S & C! You are getting a *free* kick-butt AFE t-shirt in your mailbox soon! Want to be next? 
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