Armored Fitness Equipment Update- March 2018

Hi from all of us at Armored Fitness Equipment® ! Our XPO Trainer®is selling faster than ever, and we also have news on a new product prototype! We hope you are following along on Instagram or Twitter, but before you click over to our social media, take a look at the exciting things happening right now at AFE!

We Promise, You're Going to Want One!

Over the last few months, Armored Fitness Equipment designers Bill Strahan and Mark Schulte have been working on a new product prototype! We have begun the patent process, and with the help of a top-notch design team, we should have working prototypes ready for gym testing sometime in the summer of 2018. Read more on the blog!

The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective
CrossFit Templum- Carrollton, Texas

Look at the cute CrossFit kids using XPO Trainers at CrossFit Templum! "With the XPO, we don't have to deal with exchanging the loads and therefore we get in more work in a shorter amount of time. Plus, hassle FREE!" says CrossFit Templum Owner Eric Wrona. Read more on our Coach's Perspective Series!

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