Robert Strell, MD stumbled upon the XPO Trainer online after months of searching for the perfect at-home sled. An avid CrossFitter and Sports Medicine physician in New Jersey, Dr. Strell likes to get in workouts at his summer home in the mountains. He says that his neighbors already thought he was crazy as they watched him carry heavy kettlebells and medicine balls for workouts up and down the hill in front of his house. He was convinced that trying to set up a regular sled, with all of the weights and concrete-grinding noise, was not going to be an option for him in his neighborhood. So, his quest for a quiet and easy-to-use sled began. 

After a few months of looking, Dr. Strell came across Matt Vincent's review of the XPO Trainer, and after watching his video and a few other review videos, he ordered the XPO Trainer and hasn't looked back.

"I was excited to finally find a sled that had everything on my list - quiet, easy to transport and store, and versatile for anyone to use," says Dr. Strell. "I love that my younger daughter can push it, my parents can push it, and my college son and his friends can push it. And they all get an amazing workout without having to change a single thing."

After using the XPO for a few months for his at-home workouts, Dr. Strell knew it would also be the perfect tool for his sports medicine and physical therapy practice. "The height and placement of the poles are conducive for anyone that doesn't have the physical ability to exercise," says Dr. Strell. "From those with sports injuries to patients with neurological diagnoses, the XPO Trainer gives a cardiovascular, low-impact workout while giving support and stability. The XPO push sled is not just for the CrossFit athlete, but for anyone that has a physical limitation of any kind." Dr. Strell has told many colleagues about the XPO Trainer, and they have seen success implementing it in their patients' physical therapy routines as well.

For his workouts, Dr. Strell likes to perform quick sprints with his XPO and adds in a movement like walking lunges or push-ups to have a relative rest time between sprints. Here is a workout he recently created for his college-age son and his friend to do on the hill by their home.

10 rounds for time:

40m XPO sprint
10 push-ups
15 squats

(The boys accidentally sprinted 80m with the XPO each time, and both Dr. Strell's son and his friend, who plays collegiate soccer, could barely move after that workout! Dr. Strell advises sticking with the 40m sprints because even that is a killer workout!)

Dr. Strell - we're so glad you found the XPO Trainer. We look forward to continuing to watch the XPO Trainer become a staple in home gyms, physical therapy centers, and sports medicine offices all over the country!