Armored Fitness Push Sled Workout - Kettlebell Thrusters

Here is a workout repost from @pr.trainingsystems!

30 Minute AMRAP


"Moving this much weight eats up your energy reserves very quickly, so at an AMRAP pace, you hit energy deficit in no time. Even if you "pace" yourself, the necessary force still takes its toll. Basically, unless moving weight is just your wheelhouse, you'll be bent over sucking wind by the end of the first or second round (you'll be doing EXTREMELY well to pull off ten rounds total in the 30-minute allotment). This is NOT a recovery workout. It's a "leave everything you've got on the table" exertion, so do just that. Suck it up for 30 minutes because this is a WOD that will carry you far (I mean, it has to, cuz you won't be able to walk anyway)." -Patrick @trulyspartan

"Try to shoot for 10 total rounds of this circuit, use a two-handed grip on the kettlebell and make sure you choose the right weight for your condition for both exercises, always try to push the envelope, but remember to do it safely and leave the ego out the door. Don't hesitate to lower the weights if you are new to training. It takes time to master heavy weights and some circuits, so knowing that, do it patiently and results will surely come. On another note, if you're an  experienced spartan, well... you know what that means...🔥" -Rich @richprts