XPO TRAINER PUSH SLED WORKOUT - Sled Sprints and Burpees
Push Sled and Burpee Workout Here is a new push sled workout, courtesy of @wodwellcf! XPO pushes and burpees...should be tons of FUN! 🔥💪 EMOM in 20 minutes 100 ft XPO PushMax Rep Burpees with remaining time in each minute GOOD...
Armored Fitness Push Sled Workout - XPO Push + Burpee EMOM
EMOM for 20 minutes: 40m XPO push Max rep burpees with remaining time in each minute
Armored Fitness - XPOWOD: Burpees and DB Thrusters!
10 Minute AMRAP: 8 Burpees 15m XPO Push 8 DB Thrusters 35#/25# Post your rounds/score on your favorite social media channel and tag #XPOWOD!