Armored Fitness Equipment Update - October 2017

2017 has been a great year for Armored Fitness, and we wanted to update our awesome customers on how things are going! If you're not following us on Instagram or Twitter, now is the time to stay caught up on all things AFE. But before you click over to our social media, take a look at some exciting things happening with our current production of the XPO Trainer!

Armored Fitness Goes Global

The word is out. The XPO Trainer is becoming a staple in gyms all across the WORLD! From Tokyo to California to Quebec, our "sled on wheels" is helping train athletes near and far. We've had some amazing things happen recently- people like Comedian Chelsea Handler and Olympic Athlete Alex Harrison have posted pictures on Instagram using our sled! The craziest moment was opening our e-mail on a Friday morning in August to see that Tim Ferris had mentioned the XPO Trainer in his "5 Bullet Friday" email. Best. E-mail. Ever.

We are so happy that people are experiencing torture sessions on a regular basis, and we get giddy thinking about that happening across the globe. We've been documenting some of our latest news on our blog so head over there to read things like Bill's post on the continuing development of our XPO Trainer, how we felt about Tim Ferris' 5-Bullet Friday e-mail, and Boxrox's review including 5 new XPO WODs!

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Creatively Using the XPO Trainer

The XPO Trainer is designed for pushing, but we've seen so many of our customers posting creative uses of the sled! QTown Crossfit owner @samdancing posted an athlete in his gym using the XPO Trainer for a single leg hinge exercise. We love seeing different ways to use the sled! It doesn't have to sit in the corner of the gym until the WOD on the board or your trainer's workout has a sled push in it. Are you using the XPO in creative way? Post a pic and use #xpotrainer and let us know!

Using the XPO Trainer for PT and Rehab

We’ve been privileged to watch people with everything from spinal injuries to broken legs train and rehab with the XPO Trainer. Check out Bill's post on the blog on how the XPO's resistance curve has a side benefit of being useful for rehabilitation and physical therapy. 

The Devil's Scooter?

We recently sent Garage Gym Reviews an XPO Trainer so they could review it for their readers, and they had great things to say about it, including "If the Airdyne is the devil's tricycle, the XPO Trainer is his scooter and it's brutal." That one made us chuckle! And if you've ever pushed an XPO, you are nodding your head saying "yep, it's that hard."

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Calling All Trainers and Coaches


We now have a blog series featuring coaches and how they utilize the XPO Trainer, and we'd love to feature YOU! If you are a gym owner, trainer, or coach and use the XPO Trainer, email us at to be interviewed and featured on the blog. 

Check out the Coach's Perspective Series on Our Blog

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We're selecting our top two favorite Instagram pics with the #xpotrainer hashtag each month! This month's winners are @marksmellybell and @kettlebellkimfox! You are getting a *free* kick-butt AFE t-shirt in your mailbox soon! Want to be next? Tag us in your photos using the XPO Trainer and you may be reposted and featured as our two favorite pics in next month's newsletter! Follow along at @armoredfit and use #xpotrainer in your posts.

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